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Development and Optimization of Websites and Applications.
We offer professional services to help you maximize the success of your business. Our team of experienced developers is working to create high-quality and functional solutions, taking into account modern technologies. Whatever your needs, we offer solutions to help you achieve your online goals.

Digital Marketing
We help companies reach customers and promote their brand through a variety of online channels including social media, search engine optimization, content marketing and advertising. Our team of specialists develops effective strategies and offers innovative solutions to achieve your marketing goals.

Web Design, Branding and creating your company's Identity.
We develop attractive and functional websites tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced designers creates websites with a user-friendly interface and attractive visual design. We also ensure that websites are responsive for optimal display on different devices.

Unlock growth potential with our Investor Relations service.
Streamline financial communication. Tailored strategies to engage investors effectively. Build trust and credibility in the market. Amplify your company's reputation. Expert guidance for maximizing shareholder value. Partner with a trusted digital agency to navigate the complexities of investor relations. Experience results-driven solutions for your financial success.

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Mobile Investment Conference CEO.CA


Fintech Corp "Intellabridge"

Our Team

Andrei Skovorodnikov CMO of Aunimeda

Andrei Skovorodnikov

Chief Marketing Officer

Founder of 'Aunimeda', 'Andromeda' and related projects, specializing in analytics, web development, web promotion, digital marketing, and media relations with over 10 years of experience. Additionally, serving as a Strategic Advisor at the global financial forum CEO.CA. Proficient in languages, including JavaScript, Python, C#, PHP, and more.
Music band
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Aunica Wheeler CEO of Aunimeda

Aunica Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of a digital agency, Aunica spearheads the organization's strategic vision and growth. She guides business development and ensures the delivery of exceptional services. Aunica fosters an environment of innovation, leading the agency to stay ahead of industry trends and emerging technologies. She aligns the agency's offerings with client goals, utilizing content marketing, social media, PR, and online reputation management to achieve desired outcomes. Aunica's leadership drives the agency's success, solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the dynamic world of digital communications

Anton Taneev CTO in Digital Agency Aunimeda

Anton Taneev

Chief Technical Officer

Founder of "свой.website", an agency providing services for the development and promotion of websites, more than 10 years of experience in managing the development of web projects, and even more experience in the development and promotion itself. Languages: Russian, English, PHP, C++, C, C#, Rust, JavaScript, Python and others
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Alex Koryogin Project Manager from Digital Agency

Alex Koryogin

Chief Product Officer

Alex is an inspiring leader whose skills and knowledge in digital marketing and development help him achieve his goals. He has a strategic mindset and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing digital environment. With confidence and ability to make decisions, he organizes a team and coordinates the implementation of projects, achieving high results. His professionalism and experience allow him to efficiently manage resources, meet deadlines and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
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Ronald AngSiy from Digital Agency

Ronald AngSiy

Investor Relations Advisor

Founder of "" (a consulting firm focused on investor and public relations for corporations and non-profit organizations through the use of automation tools) and "" (Visca uses a combination of artificial intelligence tools from GPT-4 to Stable Diffusion to serve as a real collaborator, intellectually versatile and accessible). Chairman of the Alumni Regional Club of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).
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Samat esingariev Leading client relations specialist in digital agency

Samat Esingariev

Lead Client Relations Specialist

Highly qualified customer service specialist with extensive experience in this field. Demonstrates a deep understanding of customer needs and strives to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Responsiveness, attention to detail and excellent communication skills allow him to effectively address customer requests and ensure a high level of satisfaction.

Edward Chu Director of Operations

Edward Chu

Director of Operations (Vancouver, Canada)

Founder of "", a software solution that instantly sorts and categorizes your transactions. Languages: English, Chinese, JavaScript, Rust, PHP, C++, HTML, CSS.
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Advisor in digital agency

Joshua Duggan

Advisor (Ontario, Canada)

Founder of Belair Capital Advisors, co-founder of Keasy Inc., COO at CEO.CA. Languages: English
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content specialist in digital agency Dmitry


Content Specialist and Editor

Writer and poet working for a digital agency as an article editor. Combining his literary expertise with digital skills, he brings a unique creative vision to the content creation process. Taking on the role of an editor, this professional has an unsurpassed sense of language and style, improving articles and ensuring high quality texts. Brings literary excellence to the digital realm, embodying the synthesis of art and communication in content work.

English Teacher in Digital Agency

Nicole Dmitrieff

English Teacher for Corporate Clients

Experienced English teacher for corporate clients. Helps organizations and employees achieve peak performance and job satisfaction through improved communication skills in English. Advises business owners on performance improvement strategies. Creates customized programs based on real business situations. Helps develop business communication, presentation and negotiation skills. Supports employees by helping to overcome language barriers and increase confidence in English.
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Sinan Muhit Chief Design Officer in digital agency Aunimeda

Sinan Muhit

Chief Graphic Designer

Knows design inside and out. In addition, he is familiar with new digital advertising and can prepare professional content design for social networks. Its design is characterized by refinement, elegance and a modern vision. He masterfully combines colors, textures, and fonts to create posts that instantly grab attention and evoke emotions in viewers. (
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About Digital Agency Aunimeda

Digital Agency Aunimeda

Aunimeda is an innovative digital agency specializing in web, application development, digital marketing strategies and developing unique online solutions for its clients. We offer a wide range of services to help companies effectively use the power of the Internet to promote their business.
The key services provided by our digital agency are the development of websites, applications and comprehensive digital marketing strategies. The agency team carefully analyzes the business model and goals of the client in order to develop an optimal strategy, which includes such components as search engine optimization (SEO), code optimization, user interfaces and graphic elements, content marketing, social media, advertising campaigns and others. tools.
Aunimeda strives to be at the forefront of digital technology and innovation. We follow the latest trends in digital innovation, analyze data and conduct testing in order to constantly improve our services and achieve high results for our clients.
We operate all over the world; however, we have headquarters in these countries/places:
California - Palo Alto,
Florida - Miami,
Türkiye - İstanbul,
Kyrgyz Republic - Bishkek,
Kazakhstan - Almaty,
Russia - Moscow(temporarily closed),

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Los Angeles, California, US