Digital Marketing Services by Digital Agency Aunimeda

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

✨Shopping Campaigns✨
✨Google Ads Campaigns✨
✨Social Media Advertising✨
✨Display Advertising✨
✨Remarketing Campaigns✨

Digital Marketing, branding and creating your company identity

Social Media Marketing

✨Social Media Strategy Development✨
✨Content Creation and Posting✨
✨Social Media Public Relations✨
✨Community Engagement✨
✨Influencer Collaboration✨


Content Marketing

✨Blogging and Article Writing✨
✨Infographics and Visual Content✨
✨Video Content Creation✨
✨Content Distribution Strategy✨
✨Content Calendar Planning✨

Investor Relations

Email Marketing

✨Email Campaign Strategy✨
✨List Building and Management✨
✨Designing and Creating Email Content✨
✨Automation and Segmentation✨
✨A/B Testing and Analytics✨

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Inbound Marketing

✨Lead Magnet Creation✨
✨ Landing Page Design✨
✨Conversion Funnel Development✨
✨Lead Nurturing✨
✨Marketing Automation✨

Digital Marketing, branding and creating your company identity

Data and Analytics Consulting

✨ Data Collection Strategy✨
✨ Data Analysis and Insights✨
✨ Data-Driven Decision Making✨
✨Predictive Analytics✨


Online Reputation Management

✨Review Management✨
✨Brand Monitoring✨ ✨
✨Crisis Communication ✨
✨Positive Online Presence Cultivation ✨
✨Reputation Repair ✨

Investor Relations

Consultation and Strategy

✨Expert Advice and Guidance ✨
✨ Digital Marketing Audits✨
✨Custom Strategy Development ✨
✨Marketing Workshops and Training ✨
✨Industry Trends and Insights Sharing ✨

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